This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Venezuela: La música y el joropo de los llanos en la 2.0, Laura Vidal:
De los géneros musicales que arman el folklore de los llanos de Venezuela, el joropo ha sido desde hace mucho, el más representativo. La música y la danza vienen de las amplias partes llanas del país, en las que la cultura predominante está muy ligada con la tierra y la cría de ganado.

Guatemala Celebrates Erick Barrondo’s Silver in Race Walk, Renata Ávila:
Guatemalans are celebrating Erick Barrondo’s silver medal at the Men’s 20km Race Walk. As the news broke, social media users clapped and celebrated Barrondo’s well-deserved victory. Barrondo comes from one of the poorest areas of the country which has been particularly affected by the war on drugs.

Argentina devuelve los fondos del “corralito”, Laura Schneider:
El 3 de agosto del 2012, el Gobierno Argentino devolvió los fondos de los ahorristas argentinos que se mantuvieron congelados durante el año 2002 y que pone fin a la era del “corralito”. La noticia fue anunciada durante el acto del aniversario de la Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, y en Internet se vieron comentarios a favor y en contra de inmediato.

Colombia: Netizens Outraged After Councilman’s Racist Comment , Lully Posada (Español aquí):
Colombian netizens are outraged after a Bogotá councilman used a racist expression to call for order during a debate. Here is a sample of some reactions after a video of the councilman’s comments began to spread on social networks.

“No ingresa nadie si no es funcionario o asesor de los concejales. No más, porque esto se está volviendo una merienda de negros”. Este comentario del concejal Jorge Durán Silva ha provocado indignación entre los colombianos. Aquí algunas de las reacciones tras la publicación del video con las declaraciones del concejal.

Guatemala: Indigenous Village Declares Internet Access a Human Right, Renata Ávila:
In the village of Santiago Atitlan internet access has been declared “a human right” by both their inhabitants and their local authorities. Authorities are also implementing a plan to provide free community Wi-Fi to the entire population so that everyone can benefit from it.

Central America Begins to Stand Out in the London Olympic Games, Ariel Moreno, English translation by Hannah McKeeth Moreno (español aquí):
A week after the inauguration of the London Olympic Games, Central America has yet to win a medal but has had some significant highlights. Social networks have been witnesses and tell us about the Guatemalan, Honduran, and Nicaraguan achievements.
A una semana de arrancados los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres, Centroamérica aun no obtiene medallas pero ha tenido algunos momentos destacados. Las redes sociales han sido testigos y nos cuentan un poco sobre los logros de Guatemala, Honduras, y Nicaragua.

Costa Rica: ‘We Are All Karina’ Campaign for Dismissed Vice-Minister, Juliana Rincón:
Men and women are getting their picture taken with hand-written signs saying, “We are all Karina” to show support for Vice-Minister Karina Bolaños, who was dismissed after a video surfaced where she appeared in underwear speaking to a lover. Karina was black-mailed for years regarding the video, and once she stopped paying, the video was distributed to media and social networks, leading to her dismissal by President Laura Chinchilla.

Bolivia: Anti-US Rhetoric Harming its Diplomatic Relations?, Pablo Andrés Rivero:
Bolivia took a radical turn in its foreign policy six years based on an anti-US agenda giving it more leverage in the region. But since then, changes in relations with key player Brazil and lingering strategic issues have raised the question of how well the country is actually surviving in the regional system.

Mexico: Embroidering for Peace, Andrea Arzaba:
Men and women of all ages have come together in Embroidery for Peace movements in cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City, to embroider the names of the victims of Mexico’s Drug War onto white handkerchiefs.

Guatemala: Peoples’ Health Tribunal Declares Goldcorp Guilty, Silvia Viñas:
For years, the community of San Miguel Ixtahuacán in Guatemala has been denouncing the negative consequences of Goldcorp’s Marlin gold mine. On July 14 and 15, 2012, members of the San Miguel Ixtahuacán community joined other international organizations in a ‘Peoples’ International Health Tribunal.’ This second post in a two-part series coverst event and some of the cases presented there.

Argentina: Ping Pong Player Liu Song Wins Over Fans on Twitter, Laura Schnedier (Español aquí)
Ping pong became a trend in Argentina thanks to the participation of Liu Song, a Chinese born athlete with Argentinian nationality who won over Argentinian fans during the London 2012 Olympics.

El Tenis de mesa se convirtió en tendencia en Argentina gracias a la participación de Liu Song, el ciudadano chino nacionalizado argentino que conmocionó a los argentinos durante las Olimpiadas de Londres 2012.

Costa Rica: Video Love Note Gets Vice-Minister Dismissed, Video post by Juliana Rincón:
The Costa Rican Vice-Minister of Youth Karina Bolaños was removed from her post by the Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla after a video showing an underwear clad vice minister sending a love note to a lover was made public and spread through the web. Reactions to this news are quite varied: from censure to the Vice-Minister for making a video and not taking care to erase it, to rejection of all those who continued to spread the video and finally, repudiation to the President for removing the vice-minister from her post as if she were not the victim of this whole affair.

Colombia: Netizens Cover Colombiamoda in Medellín, Lully Posada (Español aquí):
Fashion fair Colombiamoda was held in Medellin, Colombia, between July 24 and 26, 2012. The fair, which includes runway shows, lectures and other events related to fashion, was followed closely by experts and citizens who used social networks to cover and discuss the event.

Entre el 24 y 26 de julio se realizó Colombiamoda en la ciudad de Medellín. La feria, que incluye pasarelas, charlas, y otros eventos relacionados con la moda nacional e internacional, estuvo bajo la mira de expertos y ciudadanos que usaron las redes sociales para cubrir y comentar el evento.

Argentina: Citizens Mobilize in Favor of a Law for Guide Dogs, Laura Schneider, English translation by Thalia Rahme (Español aquí):
Blind and visually impaired people in Argentina are facing difficulties in accessing public spaces accompanied by a guide dog. Maximiliano Marc and other citizens have resorted to the web to lobby for a national law defending the rights of the visually impaired.

Las personas no videntes en Argentina atraviesan por dificultades para acceder a lugares públicos con un perro guía. Maximiliano Marc y otros ciudadanos están usando las redes sociales para impulsar una ley nacional que defienda y proteja los derechos de las personas acompañadas por perros guía.

Guatemala: Community Affected by Mining Organizes a Peoples’ Health Tribunal, Silvia Viñas:
For years, the community of San Miguel Ixtahuacán in Guatemala has been denouncing the negative consequences of Goldcorp’s Marlin gold mine. On July 14 and 15, 2012, members of the community joined other international organizations to form a ‘Peoples’ International Health Tribunal.’ In the first post in this two-part series, we introduce the Health Tribunal and also highlight the local efforts of the San Miguel Ixtahuacán community .

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