This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Video: San Cristobal Volcano Eruption in Northern Nicaragua, video post by Juliana Rincón:
YouTube’s Citizentube has a playlist of user submitted videos showing the dramatic volcanic eruptions of September 8th in Nicaragua. The San Cristobal volcano, the tallest in this Central American country, erupted at 9:02 am on Saturday, releasing steam and ash and causing authorities to evacuate more than 3000 people from Chinandega.

Chile: “Don’t Fear the Internet,” the Case of Ciudadano Inteligente, ONG Derechos Digitales, English translation by Silvia Viñas:
In a new video for the campaign “Don’t Fear the Internet”, ONG Derechos Digitales presents the case of Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente, an NGO that promotes transparency and citizen participation through technology.

Bolivia: Former Minister Demands Investigation of Indigenous Repression, Pablo Andrés Rivero:
Bolivia’s former Minister of Defense, María Cecilia Chacón, wrote a Facebook note breaking the silence after almost one year of her resignation. The note criticizes the appointment of former Minister of Interior, Sacha Llorenti, as ambassador to the United Nations, while the repression of indigenous TIPNIS remains unenlightened.

Costa Rica: Shaken Bloggers Share Earthquake Stories, Silvia Viñas:
Now that the shaking after Costa Rica’s 7.6-magnitude earthquake on September 5, 2012 has stopped, Costa Rican netizens are using their blogs to share their experiences during the quake.

Venezuela: Is a Natural Disaster Looming Over Mata Redonda?, Laura Vidal, English translation by Elizabeth Rivera (Español aquí):
Neighbors of the Mata Redonda community, in the Venezuelan city of Maracay, are using citizen media to denounce a possible natural disaster if the contention wall that separates the zone from Lake Valencia were to collapse.

Los vecinos de la comunidad de Mata Redonda, en la ciudad venezolana de Maracay, han echado mano de los medios ciudadanos para denunciar un posible desastre natural si colapsara el muro de contención que separa la zona del Lago de Valencia.

Costa Rica Shaken by 7.6-Magnitude Earthquake, Juliana Rincón:
Costa Ricans have been tweeting about the earthquake that shook the country at 8:42 am on September 5, using the hashtags #temblorcr and #terremotocr to report.

Colombia: Guerrilla Group’s Peace Negotiation Rap Video, video post by Juliana Rincón:
The Colombian government has accepted the start of peace talks with the longest lived guerrilla group in Latin America, FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces), and in response the group has released a musical rap video.

Mujeres Mundi, “What is the Role of Women in Your Society?”, Silvia Viñas, English translation by Alan Bailey (Español aquí):
In the first part of this interview, Xaviera Medina told us about her blog, Mujeres Mundi, where she publishes interviews with women around the world. In this second part, Xaviera talks about the importance of sharing these interviews with people that speak other languages. She also talks about a project entitled “What is the role of women in your society?”

En la primera parte de esta entrevista, Xaviera Medina nos contó sobre su blog Mujeres Mundi, donde reúne entrevistas con mujeres de todo el mundo. En esta segunda parte, Xaviera habla sobre la importancia de llevar estas entrevistas a personas que hablan otros idiomas. También explica el proyecto “¿Cuál es el rol de la mujer en tu sociedad?”

Mujeres Mundi, Interviews with Extraordinary Women, Silvia Viñas, English translation by Marianna Breytman (Español aquí):
Peruvian blogger Xaviera Medina de Albrand is the brains and energy behind the blog Mujeres Mundi, a space where she publishes her interviews with women from around the world. Xaviera talks to us about her life and her blog in this first part of a two-part interview.

La peruana Xaviera Medina de Albrand es el cerebro y la energía detrás del blog Mujeres Mundi, un espacio donde publica entrevistas con mujeres de todo el mundo. Xaviera nos cuenta un poco más sobre su vida y su blog en esta primera entrega de una entrevista en dos partes.

Peru: Colombia-Peru War Remembered 80 Years Later, Juan Arellano, English translation by Lauren Finch (Español aquí):
Eighty years have passed since the taking of Leticia, an Amazonian city which was surrendered to Colombia by Peru in 1929 as a result of the Salamón-Lozano Treaty between the two countries. Various bloggers marked the anniversary on Sept. 1, and several online forums continue to host information and analysis, from Peruvians and Colombians alike, about this war.

El 1 de septiembre se cumplieron 80 años de la toma de Leticia, una ciudad amazónica que como resultado del tratado de fronteras Salomón-Lozano entre Perú y Colombia fue entregada a Colombia en 1929. Varios bloggers recordaron el aniversario. Además, en diversos foros se puede encontrar material y opiniones sobre esta guerra tanto de peruanos como de colombianos.

Latin America and the Caribbean Netizen Report: First Edition, Equipo Informe Netizen, English translation by Lauren Finch (Español aquí):
This first Latin America and the Caribbean Netizen Report focuses on legislation that affects the fundamental rights of Internet users in the region. In the last two months, the governments of various countries -Costa Rica, Peru, and Brazil, among others- have considered bills that affect freedom of speech, access to information, anonymity, and privacy online

Hemos enfocado este primer Informe Netizen para Latinoamérica y el Caribe en proyectos de ley que afectan los derechos fundamentales de los usuarios de Internet en la región. En los últimos dos meses, los gobiernos de varios países -Costa Rica, Perú, y Brasil, entre otros- han considerado proyectos de ley que afectan la libertad de expresión, el acceso a la información, el anonimato, y la privacidad en línea.

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