This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Venezuela: Election Day Tweets and HashtagsLaura Vidal, English translation by Silvia Viñas (Español aquí):
Twitter has been the most popular citizen media platform to discuss the presidential election of Sunday, October 7, 2012. Under different hashtags occupying the Trending Topic list in the country, Venezuelans comment, discuss, debate, report and share.

Venezuela: Pictures of Election Day, Laura Vidal, English translation by Elizabeth Rivera (Español aquí):
Today, social networks in Venezuela show a country at the fringe. Along with testimonies, information, rumors and recommendations, citizen media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr have shared photos that portray a massive participation to elect the next President of the Republic.

Perú: Falleció el poeta Antonio Cisneros, Juan Arellano:
Antonio Cisneros, uno de los grandes de la poesía peruana, falleció el sábado 6 de octubre a los 69 años. Acá lo que se ha escrito en su recuerdo, así como videos con sus poemas.

Venezuela: Chávez Holds Huge Closing Campaign Rally in Caracas, Silvia Viñas (Español aquí):
President Hugo Chávez held a final campaign event in Caracas on October 4. Despite the rain, his followers filled major avenues in central Caracas, waving flags and cheering as they showed their support before election day on October 7. Many shared videos of the event on YouTube.

Guatemala: 7 Indigenous Protesters Killed in Totonicapán, Renata Ávila (Español aquí):
At least 7 civilians were killed on October 4 when combined armed forces violently removed indigenous demonstrators from Cuatro Caminos, a well-known road intersection in Guatemala. Demonstrators were protesting the rising price of electricity, and the education and constitutional reforms proposed by the government.

Venezuela: ‘Faces and Voices’ of an Election, Silvia Viñas [photo post] (Español aquí):
Portuguese photographer Eduardo Leal captures the thoughts and feelings of the Venezuelan people as they explain who they will vote for in the presidential election on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

Retio: Una aplicación gratuita para luchar contra el narcotráfico en México, Paula Gonzalo, republicado desde Periodismo Ciudadano:
Paula Gonzalo de Periodismo Ciudadano nos cuenta sobre Retio, una aplicación gratuita para mapear, a través de informes ciudadanos mandados por Twitter, la guerra contra el nacotráfico en México.

Collaboration on Crowdsourced Mapping in Venezuela, Susannah Vila (Español aquí):
A lot of people will be Tweeting, Facebook updating and texting about the presidential election in Venezuela this weekend -and many will be using social media to share reports of violence or misconduct. A few enterprising citizens have set up systems to catch and save these reports.

Peru: “Talk to My Back, Mr. President”, Gabriela García Calderón (Español aquí):
Peruvian Twitter users show their wit after the release of a video that captures what seems to be a harsh exchange of words between the presidential couple.

Venezuela: Twitter Handbook Focuses on Citizen Election Coverage, Silvia Viñas (Español aquí):
Training platform Reporte Ya has released a handbook focusing on the use of Twitter for citizen reporting during the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela on October 7, 2012.

Peru: Pardon Requested for Former President Alberto Fujimori, Juan Arellano, English translation by Ángela Muñoz (Español aquí):
On Thursday night, September 27, 2012, the hashtags #noalindulto (no to the pardon) and #sialindulto (yes to the pardon) competed to gain visibility on Twitter. They referred to a possible humanitarian pardon for former President Alberto Fujimori, who is currently serving a 25-year sentence for human rights violations.

Venezuela: ‘Hangouts’ for the Election’s Final Stretch, Laura Vidal, English translation by Elizabeth Rivera (Español aquí):
Blogger and journalist Luis Carlos Díaz organizes conversations and debates over the Presidential elections that will take place on October 7, 2012. First via Twitcam and now via Google Hangouts, a space has opened to discuss the campaigns, evaluate government management, risks and opportunities; and to review what people think days before the most contested elections in the last 14 years.

Colombians Demand 24 Hours Free From Violent Killings, Catalina Restrepo, English translation by Alexandra Quinn (Español aquí):
On October 2, 2012, and as part of the International Day of Non-Violence, several Colombians beckoned other citizens to celebrate 24-0, an initiative that aims to hail this day as one free from any violent deaths.

Venezuela: Capriles Campaign Closes with Mass Rally in Caracas, Silvia Viñas (Español aquí):
On Sunday, September 30, Henrique Capriles supporters rallied en masse in the streets of Caracas during the presidential candidate’s closing campaign event. Capriles is running against current President Hugo Chávez in the upcoming presidential elections on October 7.

Honduras: Charter Cities Threaten Garífuna Communities, Renata Ávila:
The government of Porfirio Lobo recently signed an agreement to implement a variant of Charter Cities, called Special Development Regions (REDs), in Honduras. REDs can only be implemented in uninhabited land; in the case of Honduras, however, 24 Garífuna communities could be removed from their territory if the project continues its agreed course.

Informe Netizen Latinoamérica y el Caribe: Edición libre comercio, Equipo Informe Netizen:
En esta edición nos enfocamos en recientes tratados de libre comercio y los desafíos que han presentado en el contexto digital. Para cumplir con los requisitos de un tratado de libre comercio con EEUU, el Congreso de Panamá aprobó la semana pasada una ley que impondrá castigos severos por violaciones de derechos de autor y que hará casi imposible que los acusados puedan presentar sus casos ante los tribunales.

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