This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Colombia to Close ‘Week of Indignation’ with Nationwide Protests, Lully Posada (Español aquí):
Colombians will close a ‘week of indignation’ on October 12 with nationwide protests. The activities held during the week and the march scheduled for Friday seek to mobilize Colombians who are outraged about different issues like education, heath, security, indigenous rights, and more. On social networks many are announcing their participation and posting images and videos to encourage others to attend the march.

Costa Rica: Students Protest Veto of ‘Photocopying Law’, Jenny Cascante, English translation by Jane Ellis (Español aquí):
Thousands of students participated in a march in San José on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, protesting for their right to photocopy textbooks for educational purposes. The unrest was caused by President Chinchilla vetoing Bill 17342 (known as the ‘Photocopying Law’) on the grounds that it removes protection of the work and intellectual property in the artistic, literary and technological areas.

The Venezuelan Elections, From Panama, Ariel Moreno, English translation by Alan Bailey (Español aquí):
The Venezuelan presidential elections were followed with interest in Panama, both by the Venezuelan community in the country and by Panamanians interested in what would happen in the neighboring country.

Venezuela: Post-Election Reflections, Silvia Viñas:
Emotions ran high on Sunday night after the official results of Venezuela’s presidential elections were released. Part of the country celebrated the continuation of the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’ under President Hugo Chávez, while the other side lamented another electoral loss.

Mexico: #YoSoy132 and the Festival ‘Corona Capital 2012′, J. Tadeo, English translation by Kimberly Shiller (Español aquí)
Corona Capital 2012, a musical festival in Mexico where bands such as New Order, Franz Ferdinand, The Raveonettes and many others will perform, has been immersed in a controversy, thanks to a boycott promoted by the movement #YoSoy132.

Developing Latin America 2012, Juan Arellano, English translation by Alexandra Quinn (Español aquí):
The regional hackathon Developing Latin America, organised by Foundation Ciudadano Inteligente (Intelligent Citizen) in six Latin American countries, brings together multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, journalists and citizens that want to find solutions to problems such as poverty, healthcare and education, using technological tools.

Peru: Pollution in Lake Titicaca, Juan Arellano, English translation by Betsy Galbreath (Español aquí):
Pollution in Lake Titicaca has reached alarming levels. In February of this year, the lake was declared as “Threatened Lake of the Year 2012″ by the organizations Global Nature Fund (Germany) and Living Lake (USA). In this post we collect videos and information about the serious environmental damage affecting the Titicaca.

Venezuela: Chávez Era to Extend for Six More Years, Laura Vidal, English translation by Silvia Viñas (Español aquí)
After the most contested and intense elections of the last decade, Venezuela will see six more years under the administration of Hugo Chávez Frías. Traffic on social networks, particularly on Twitter, was extremely intense, especially moments before the official announcement of the results.

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