This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Colombian Senator Removed and Disqualified, Triumph for Social Networks?, Lully Posada, English translation by Kimberly Shiller (Español aquí):
On October 16, 2012 the Attorney General’s Office dismissed Senator Eduardo Merlano from office, disqualifying him from holding public office for 10 years after finding him guilty of taking advantage of his position as senator to avoid a traffic ticket. News of the dismissal was well received among Colombian netizens, who attributed the achievement to a successful campaign calling for Senator Merlano to resign.

Ecuador: Irregularidades en préstamo de banco Cofiec desatan indignación, Belén Quezada:
Esta semana se presentó ante la Fiscalía el ex presidente Ejecutivo del banco Cofiec, Antonio Buñay, supuesto responsable por el ‘caso Cofiec’. El #CasoCofiec, como ha sido denominado por los tuiteros ecuatorianos, se desató a causa de una irregularidad en un préstamo bancario de Cofiec -una entidad estatal- por US$800.000 al inversionista argentino Gastón Duzac.

Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica Continue on the Road to 2014 World Cup, Ariel Moreno, English translation by Kimberly Shiller (Español aquí):
Panama, Honduras and Costa Rica advanced to the final qualifying round in the Concacaf (the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football) competition to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Football fans on various social networks have been discussing the exciting qualification matches.

Colombia: The “Lleras Law” and Content Creation, Juan Arellano, English translation by Alan Bailey (Español aquí):
We talk with Pilar Sáenz of the Karisma Foundation about the evolution of the controversial Lleras Law, which changes the framework for legislation and regulation of copyrights and intellectual property. Furthermore, we present a video with producer Armadillo Media TV about how the creativity of Colombian internet users could be affected by this law.

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating Women’s Genius, Renata Avila:
Ada Lovelace Day, celebrated every October 16, honors international women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths -women’s whose skills are urgently needed for the future of the world. Here we highlight some of these extraordinary women.

The Authors Behind the Venezuelan Literary Boom, Laura Vidal:
This is the second part of an interview with Guillermo Parra of the blog Venepoetics, where he shares his reflections on the new rise of Venezuelan literature and his translations of Venezuelan poet Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre. In this part of the interview we will share Guillermo’s take on the new authors who are painting the landscape of new Venezuelan narratives.

Costa Rica Advances in Legislation for Wildlife Protection, Jenny Cascante:
Costa Rica is advancing in legislation to protect wildlife. On October 10, President Laura Chinchilla signed a decree that strengthens the controls on shark finning in Costa Rican waters. Furthermore, on October 2, the Legislative Assembly approved the first reading of a reform for the Wildlife Conservation Law, which proposes the elimination of hunting sports in the country.

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