This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Perú: Analizando los motivos de la violencia en La Parada, Juan Arellano:
El 25 de octubre, en horas de la tarde, un operativo en el mercado mayorista de La Parada, que está siendo trasladado, desembocó una batalla campal entre comerciantes y policías, dejando dos muertos y unos 108 heridos, 66 de ellos policías. Todos estos sucesos fueron ampliamente reportados, difundidos y comentados en blogs y redes sociales.

Chile: Mapuche Prisoners End Hunger Strike After 60 Days, Elizabeth Rivera:
After 60 days on hunger strike, four Mapuche prisoners have ended their protest after the Chilean Supreme Court agreed to some of their demands. This struggle has also brought to light divisions about the conflict among Chileans.

Colombia: Journalist Fired Over Article About Oil Company, Lully Posada, English translation by Betsy Galbreath (Español aquí):
Colombian journalist Daniel Pardo was fired from the website Kien&Ke after publishing a column about the influence exerted by the Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales in media like W Radio. Many netizens agree that the dismissal is an attack on freedom of the press.

¿Qué es una hackathon? y ¿qué son los datos abiertos?, Juan Arellano:
En un post anterior anunciábamos la realización de una hackathon a nivel latinoamericano: Desarrollando América Latina 2012. Pero es probable que algunos lectores se hayan quedado con la duda de qué es una hackathon y sobre todo, para qué sirve. En este post tratamos de resolver esa duda con definiciones, ejemplos, y dos entrevistas en video con Mariano Crowe, hacker y co-director de Escuelab, una plataforma de aprendizaje y espacio de co-elaboración en Lima, Perú.

Mexico: Central American Mothers in Search of Missing Migrants, Andrea Arzaba:
According to statistics by the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement [es], in the last six years around 70,000 migrants [es] have disappeared in Mexico. For several years, Central American mothers of abducted and missing migrants have traveled all over Mexico looking for their sons and daughters who have disappeared on their way north.

Bolivia: Vice President Keeping Track of Netizens’ Insults, Pablo Andrés Rivero:
A debate on the control of social networks was rekindled in Bolivia after vice president Álvaro García Linera stated that he is monitoring and taking note of netizens who are insulting President Evo Morales. Members of the opposition consider the statement a threat to freedom of speech, others support regulation, and some suggest the government should pay attention to other important issues people demand online.

Chile: #LosQueSobran Campaign to Pull Youth to Polls, Silvia Viñas:
A group of Chilean NGOs have come together in a fun campaign to encourage young people to vote in the Municipal elections this Sunday, October 28. For the first time in Chile, voter registration is automatic and the vote is voluntary.

Colombia: How Attacks on Energy Infrastructure Affects Citizens, Julián Ortega Martínez:
A rise in the number of attacks on Colombia’s energy infrastructure by guerrilla groups FARC and ELN have had a profound impact on the lives of many Colombians.

Panama: Protests Erupt in Colón Over Land Law, Ariel Moreno, English translation by Betsy Galbreath:
The sale of the land in the tax free zone of Colón has sparked a series of protests in Panamá. Government and protesters face off, and neither side seems to want to budge.

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