This week in Global Voices Latin America/Esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica

This is what we published this week at Global Voices Latin America:

Esto es lo que publicamos esta semana en Global Voices Latinoamérica:

Day 1 of Developing Latin America 2012 Juan Arellano, English translation by Alexandra Quinn (Español aquí):
December 1 saw the start of Developing Latin America 2012 (#DAL2012). The regional hackathon organised by the Ciudadano Inteligente Foundation is being carried out in 8 Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Here we share some reports from the first day

Everyone Wants to be the New Mexican President, Andrea Arzaba:
While Enrique Peña Nieto was being sworn in as the new president of Mexico, netizens began to use the hashtag #SiYoFueraPresidente (if I were president) to share their own views about the most important issues affecting the country.

Mexico: Enrique Peña Nieto is Sworn in as President Amid Protests and Riots, Elizabeth (Español aquí):
On December 1, 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto took oath as Mexico’s president amid riots and protests. Netizens in downtown Mexico City used social media to inform about clashes with the police.

Curuguaty’s Deadly Clashes Continue to Resonate Across Paraguay, Belen Bogado, English translation by Anna Williams (Español aquí):
Public opinion continues to be polarized about the Curuguaty police raid that ended in the death of six police officers and eleven farm workers. The investigation of the raid, which aimed to remove illegal residents from a forest reserve, is ongoing and has yet to produce any solid evidence about who is at fault.

Peruvian Junior Volleyball Team Wins South American Cup, Gabriela García Calderón (Español aquí):
On Monday November 26, 2012, the Peruvian junior volleyball team won the South American Female Volleyball Championship. This is a historic result, after 32 years without getting any titles in that sports category. Bloggers have joined the celebration, and Twitter is buzzing with comments with the hashtag #matadorcitas (the team’s nickname).

¿Qué es el mapeo web?: Juan Arellano:
Demos una mirada al mapeo web con Ian Ward de MapBox, y veamos algunas iniciativas que usan los mapas web como herramienta de visualizacion para lograr un mejor impacto comunicacional y utilitario de los datos con los que trabajan.

Developing Latin America Hackathon Draws Near!, Elizabeth and Juan Arellano, English translation by Alexandra Quinn (Español aquí):
We are only 2 days short of commencing the regional hackathon Developing Latin America 2012. Anca Matioc, who is in charge of organising the event, spoke with us about the preparations. She also answered some questions relating to the development of a hackathon like Developing Latin America.

2013 Dakar Rally Will Visit Peru, Argentina, and Chile, Laura Schneider (Español aquí):
For five consecutive years, the Dakar organization has chosen South American territory for its annual off-road competition. The 2003 route will cross three countries: Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

Ecuador Commemorates the International Day Against Gender Violence, Gina Yauri, English translation by Marianna Breytman (Español aquí):
Ecuador commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with multiple cultural events. Ecuadorian netizens also reflected on the reality that many women live through in the country.

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