#LosQueSobran: A Fun Campaign to Encourage Chilean Youth to Vote

A group of Chilean NGOs has come together to encourage young Chileans to vote in the Municipal elections which will be held this Sunday, October 28, 2012. The organisations involved – Ciudadano Inteligente, Un Techo para Chile, Educación 2020 [es], Chao Pescao [es], and Iguales [es] – are taking the action because for the first time in … Continue reading #LosQueSobran: A Fun Campaign to Encourage Chilean Youth to Vote

Chile Student March: 50,000? 150,000?

Chile’s Carabineros (police force) reported that 50,000 people marched yesterday, August 28, in a massive march for education reform. The Confech (Confederation of Chilean Students) and others say the number of participants is closer to 150,000. This YouTube user uploaded a video to challenge the Carabineros’ numbers: Read more about yesterday’s march in my latest … Continue reading Chile Student March: 50,000? 150,000?

Protesting in Spanish

In recent weeks we have seen all kinds of protests in the Spanish-speaking world. Many citizens captured this outrage with their cameras and mobile phones. Here are some examples. Mexico Following the elections on July 1, citizens organized several demonstrations to protest against electoral fraud and the results which proclaimed Enrique Peña Nieto, the PRI … Continue reading Protesting in Spanish

Protestando en español

En estas últimas semanas hemos visto todo tipo de protestas en el mundo hispanohablante. Muchos ciudadanos capturaron esta indignación con sus cámaras y celulares. Aquí van algunos ejemplos. México Tras las elecciones del 1 de julio en México, se realizaron varias marchas para protestar contra el fraude electoral y los resultados que dieron por ganador … Continue reading Protestando en español