Honduras: In Sabanagrande, Making Fun of Police is No Joke

Honduras: In Sabanagrande, Making Fun of Police is No Joke

Local police failed to see the joke during a satirical performance put on by youth in the town of Sabanagrande, south of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Every year Sabanagrande holds a cultural festival called Rey Feo, (Ugly King).

Blogger and poet Fabricio Estrada describes it as a “majestic tradition that each year brings together the largest demonstration of collective morbidity in the southern zone.” Around 40 youths in costume enthrone an “Ugly King” who reads a will full of town gossip and rhymed rumors. On February 4 of this year, the Ugly King directed his satire at local police.

I discovered this story almost by accident. I was looking through Fabricio Estrada’s blog Bitácora del Párbulo and found a post I thought would make a great photo-post for Global Voices. I contacted Fabricio asking for his permission to use the photos. We exchanged several emails, admitting that we were both amateur photographers (very amateur in my case) in-love with words and images. Days went by and Fabricio published more posts. I saw his post on the birth of the first Human Rights Committee in Sabanagrande, Honduras, and immediately changed my mind: this was a story I had to share on Global Voices.

As I wrote in the post, Honduran police have been accused of corruption, attacking civilians and partnering with gangs and criminals. This story is an example of this dangerous tension between police and civilians and what citizens can do about it. Read the whole post here.


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