Panama: “I’m Ngäbe, I’m Bugle, I’m Panamanian”

Panama: “I’m Ngäbe, I’m Bugle, I’m Panamanian”, Global Voices Online, March 20:

This post is part of our special coverage Indigenous Rights.

This year, the struggle of the indigenous Ngäbe-Bugle have become more visible than ever before, thanks to social networks. In February, as Ariel Moreno reported on Global Voices, members of the Ngäbe-Bugle community had blocked the Pan-American highway to protest against mining and also “to demand that the government comply with the agreement reached last year with respect to mining in the region.”

Ariel later wrote:

Panama went through one of the biggest crises it has seen since democracy was restored in 1989, when the indigenous people of Ngobe Bugle decided to take over the highway on January 31, 2012, protesting mining and construction of hydroelectric facilities in their district. They stayed there until February 5, when national police removed them by force.

The crisis has been alleviated for the moment with an agreement between the indigenous group and the government. Even so, the uncertainty of what could happen if there is hydroelectric construction or mining in these districts is still on the minds of Panamanians.

Now, to raise awareness about the excessive force used by police, Cooperativa Audiovisua has created the video campaign “Soy Ngäbe, soy Buglé, soy Panameñ@” (”I’m Ngäbe, I’m Bugle, I’m Panamanian”) under the direction of director Guna Orgun Wagua.

Continue reading to find out more about this campaign and watch the subtitled video.


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