Protesting in Spanish

In recent weeks we have seen all kinds of protests in the Spanish-speaking world. Many citizens captured this outrage with their cameras and mobile phones. Here are some examples.


Following the elections on July 1, citizens organized several demonstrations to protest against electoral fraud and the results which proclaimed Enrique Peña Nieto, the PRI candidate, the winner. One of these marches was the “#Megamarcha“:


In Paraguay, President Fernando Lugo was removed from office on June 22; in response to this, Lugo’s supporters took to the streets to protest what many are calling a coup:


Chilean students continue their struggle for free, quality education. On July 11 they carried out a “banderazo” [es] (the display of a huge flag) in front of the Anglo American building:

They did the same a few weeks ago in the Costanera Center:


Finally, in Spain, after 20 days and 400 kilometers, the miners [es, photos]–outraged by the cuts in the mining sector proposed by the Government– reached Madrid this week:


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